3 papers are accepted in RA-L; 4 papers will be presented in IROS 2023.


  • Fed-HANet: Federated Visual Grasping Learning for Human Robot Handovers [paper link]
  • Curriculum Reinforcement Learning from Avoiding Collisions to Navigating among Movable Obstacles in Diverse Environments [paper link]
  • Towards More Efficient EfficientDets and Real-Time Marine Debris Detection [paper link]
  • Image-based Regularization for Action Smoothness in Autonomous Miniature Racing Car with Deep Reinforcement Learning

  • Team NYCU’s Unmanned Surface Vehicle Mission and Earned a Third Place in the 2022 Maritime RobotX Challenge.


    the challenge has to complete various tasks including passing through entrance and exit gates, taking off and landing on platforms, capturing waterborne targets, using hydrophones to confirm the location of underwater sound sources, following paths accurately and crossing floating buoys to enable the vessel to enter from a designated location and successfully complete the mission.
    RoboNation published in The Australian-April 5,2023
    NYCU NEWS-April 11,2023

    Paper are accepted by IROS 2022


    WFH-VR: Teleoperating a Robot Arm to set a Dining Table across the Globe via Virtual Reality
    project link

    Paper accepted for publication on IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters and selected for presentation on 2021 IEEE international Conference on Robotics and Automation


    Cross-Modal Contrastive Learning of Representations for Navigation using Lightweight, Low-Cost Millimeter Wave Radar for Adverse Environmental Conditions
    project link

    Prof. Nick Wang is selected to receive the Award of Outstanding Contribution For Young Scholars


    The award is raised to praise the outstanding contribution on innovating research, education and school reputation. Prof. Nick Wang has receive lots of affirmation and is selected to receive the award. Thanks to the devotion of the whole lab and the support of everyone.

    1st Place Spotlight Poster in RobotX Interactive forum held in Singapore


    RobotX devoted to encouraging the innovators to make more substantial contributions to the robotics community. RobotX interactive forum is one of the platforms to connect and collaborate with fellow students, senior officials and industry leaders. Based on our research results, we propose a cross-domain autonomous system. Duckieboat and Duckiefloat are combined for long-term heterogenous operation. Furthermore, our poster has been selected for the moring Poster Spotlight session (Dec 5th in 2019). After evaluations, at last, our poster becomes the top poster.

    Prof. Nick Wang and NCTU are selected to receive the Research Award of Facebook PyRobot: Democratizing Robotics


    Our proposal titled "Extending PyRobot Education Platform and LocoBot Manipulation Benchmarks" is selected, and we will receive a robot from the Facebook AI Research team. Look forward to the collaboration.

    The first patent in ARG!


    Our first lab patent is approved! Click the video link for more information!

  • [video] (Presented in Chinese)

  • Team NCTU ranked the 7th among the 11 remarkable teams in the tunnel circuit of DARPA Subterranean Challenge.


    We were fighting through the tough underground environments with limited communication and rough terrain. We manage to make our robot to autonomously navigate and score, pushing us to the 7th among the 11 remarkable teams. Team NCTU will participate the urban circuit in Feb., 2020.

  • [DARPA News] Rolling, Walking, Flying, and Floating, SubT Challenge Teams Traverse the Tunnel Circuit
  • [Pittsburgh's NPR News] Wheels, Drones And Rescue Randy: DARPA Robotics Competition Puts Mine Rescue To The Test
  • [DARPAtv] Video: Team NCTU
  • [IEEE Spectrum] All of the Winners in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge Tunnel Circuit
  • [聯合新聞網]台灣首出賽 交大挑戰美國國防部DARPA地下機器人競賽
  • [自由時報]賽期3年獎金200萬美金 交大赴美挑戰地下機器人賽(2019/8/13頭版)

  • Duckiepond demo in MOOS-DAWG19

    2019-07-31 ~ 2019-08-08

  • We attended MOOS-DAWG19 in Boston held by MIT and demo our Duckieboat in the Charles River, Boston.
  • MOOS-DAWG19 Website
  • MOOS-DAWG19 album

  • Two papers are accepted by IROS 2019


  • Pose-aware Placing with Semantic Labels - Brandname-based Affordance Prediction and Cooperative Dual-Arm Active Manipulation. Paper Video
  • Duckiepond: An Open Education and Research Platform for a Fleet of Autonomous Maritime Vehicles. Paper Video

  • Team NCTU is qualified to compete in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge


    We are honored to be parts of the DARPA Subterranean Challenge, and are going Pittsburgh to participate the tunnel circuit on August 15-22.
    DARPA News Team Website

    Team NCTU competed in the 2018 RobotX Challenge, Hawaii.


    Team NCTU won "the best single day" award in the qualifition, and was the only first-year team in the semi-final and final in the RobotX 2018. We ranked the 5th out of the 15 teams of top schools from three continents around the world. The broadcast of the final is : video link here:

  • [聯合報]無人駕駛船國際挑戰賽 交大首次出賽獲佳績
  • [蘋果日報]首度出征無人船世界賽 交大勇奪第5名
  • [ETToday]無人駕駛船國際賽 交大打敗喬治亞理工、密西根大學晉身第五
  • [PCHome新聞]參與國際無人駕駛船挑戰賽獲佳績
  • [交大新聞]國際無人駕駛船挑戰賽 交通大學首度出賽獲佳績績
  • [DVIDS]2018 Maritime RobotX Challenge

  • ARG Thanksgiving dinner


    At the warm moment, We invited all the team members of the laboratory included AIDO, RobotX, Mobile Manipulator team to have a dinner together. Thank you for your hard work for the research. Your efforts take ARG to the world.

    RobotX team NCTU


    This day we got together to prepare the shipping process for WAM-V and leave a good moment by the picture.

    Minister of Science and Technology visited RobotX NCTU


    The Minister of Science and Technology and other executives visited Zhuhu to visit the RobotX practice site. The Minister has great interest in WAM-V and team design perception and AI technology. (with Brian left 1, Monica right 2, David right 1)

    Minister of Science and Technology visited Duckietown


    The Minister of Science and Technology (in the middle of picture), other executives , and The NCTU President took a photo in the background of the AI driving Olympic competition venue Duckietown.

    NCTU president visited our Lab


    The NCTU President M. C. Frank Chang and Senior Vice President C.-H. Chen visited us for our latest work of RobotX!

    When Art Meets Tech


    Last year, the cool guys redefine "AI" as "Authentic Identity", hoping to trace back the essence of human beings and explore the true self. We cooperated with team from Institute Of Applied Arts to build "fiber installation arts" and showed the works on 2018 NCTU Art Fair.

    The Coming of WAM-V


    We put our vehicle in the middle of the lake with a crane. It represents the topic of "Unmanned Surface Vehicle" and will be displayed on the NCTU 60th anniversary celebration.

    Our Live Competition Proposal for "The AI Driving Olympics" is accepted by NIPS 2018


    This live competition is designed to explore which approaches work best for what tasks and subtasks in a complex robotic system. The participants will need to design algorithms that implement either part or all of the management and navigation required for a fleet of self-driving miniature taxis.
    NIPS Website

    Our Duckietown project was introduced by National Education Radio Department


    Dr. Wang and Eric Lu was invited to talk about the Duckietown project that utilized various sensors to implement automatic driving. In addtion, they talked about the industrial development in Taiwan. How the robotic technology will overcome the deadlock for traditional industry.
    Facebook Video Radio channel

    Our paper "Deep Trail Following Robotic Guide Dog in Pedestrian Environments for People Who Are Blind and Visually Impaired - Learning from Virtual and Real Worlds" is accepted by ICRA 2018


    Congrats to ARG students and collaborators in UMass Boston and Italy.
    Paper Video

    NCTU is awarded a Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel (WAM-V)


    NCTU will compete the RobotX Challenge in 2018. Prof. Nick Wang and David Chen participated the 2017 RobotX Forum in Sydney, and received the award.
    Prof. Nick Wang was in the inaugural RobotX competition was held in Singapore in Oct. 2014. The purpose of the competition was to challenge teams to develop new strategies for tackling unique and important problems in marine robotics. Ultimately the MIT/Olin team narrowly won first place in a competitive field.
    MIT News for the 2014 Competition

    Prof. Nick Wang received the Young Electrical Engineer Award


    Thanks to the Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering, Taiwan and Department of Electrial and Computer Engineering, NCTU.

    Robotics Seminar @ NCTU

    2017-11-07 to 2018-01-03

    It is our pleasure to invite the key members in the MIT/Princeton Team for the Amazon Picking/Robotics Challenges. Special thanks to Peter Yu who co-organized the event. This is an official course in NCTU with 1 credit for undergraduate students.

    Prof. Nick Wang and Monica Lin attended SET iNEW for a Live Interview


    Prof. Nick Wang and Monica Lin showed Duckiebots and introduced the missions of the graduate robotics program in NCTU.
    SET NEWS Interview Video (in Chinese)

    Our paper "Automatic Optimization of Wayfinding Design" is accepted by TVCG


    Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) is the top journal in computer graphics. Thanks to Craig Yu, Quincy Huang, and the colleagues in UMass Boston, and congrate Monica Lin for her first journal paper.

    Congratulate Daniel Huang who received the PhD program scholarship.

    Congratulate to Eric Lu who will be a visiting student in ETHZ

    Prof. Nick Wang received the MediaTek Junior Chair Professor Award


    Our work on wearable navigation for the blind was covered by the Economist and many media, and published in ICRA and ISSCC

    The Economist
    Apple Daily, Taiwan

    Duckietown Summer School for Future Autonomy Teaching Assistants

    The first Duckietown Summer School aims at training potential instructors and teaching assistants in future Duckietown courses. Since Duckietown is project-based learning, teaching assistants and mentors are one of the most important resources to make a successful Duckietown course. We believe that such training is a valuable learning experinece for students' skills of problem solving, team work, and leadership. We are happy to have individuals from Korea, Indonesia, and Taiwan in the first Duckietown Summer School. Course Webpage

    Monica Lin worked as an intern in the startup company In.Sight in Italy.

    In.Sight and Arianna

    Brian Chuang, Monica Lin, Jihshi Chen, and Prof. Nick Wang participated ICRA 2017 in Singapore and presented two papers.

    Please see our publication page for our wearable vision and Duckietown works

    Brian Chuang, Monica Lin, Jack Lin, and Prof. Nick Wang hosted a tutorial in the Robotic Computing Conference in 2017.

    We are happy to invite the teaching community in the panel discussions, including Prof. Nick Wang (NCTU), Dr. Teng-Yok Lee (MERL, USA), Kan-Lin Hsiung (Yuan Ze University), Jen-Jee Chen (National University of Tainan), and Yu-Lun Huang (NCTU). Tutorial Webpage

    I will join National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan as an assistant professor in Feb, 2016.

  • Our work was published in ISSCC, and covered by MIT News
  • I visited Andrea Bocelli and presented our prototype. News
  • The MIT team won the first place in RobotX competition. MIT News
  • Continuing the Legacy: Assistive Technologies at MIT. EECS News
  • Andrea Bocelli visited MIT to support assistive technology. MIT News.
  • Committee member in MIT COUHES (Committee on the Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects).
  • Proposal accepted by the Project Tango by Google.