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Duckietown NCTU is the first branch of the MIT Duckietown (http://duckietown.mit.edu). We offer a graduate-level course Robotic Vision and a undergraduate-level course Creative Software Project in NCTU. Both courses aim at hands-on projects focusing on self-driving vehicles or assistive technology. Please see the detail in http://duckietown.nctu.edu.tw. In addition, we offer all-level course Robotics Seminar. The goal of this is to encourage interest in robotics field and build the connection between NCTU and international robotics team.

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Creative Software Project 2017
Sensing & Intelligent System 2017
Robotics Seminar 2017
Robotic Vision 2017
Creative Software Project 2016
Robotic Vision 2016

Pi 2 Duckiebot Tutorial

We simplified from the MIT Duckietown for college students who do not have strong relevant backgrounds. In addition, we offered Pi 3 duckiebot tutorial called "Duckiebook". Should you have any question, please contact our TA. Please visit our people page.

Prerequisites Main steps
description 0. VirtualBox Setup description A. Setup Duckiebot Solfware
description 1. Check Your Hardware description B. Setup Duckietop
description 2. Setup Duckiebot Hostname description C. Camera setup
description 3. Setup Duckiebot Network description D. Camera Calibration
description 4. Address Reservation for duckiebot description E. Wheel Calibration
description F. Log data
description G. Create ROS package (Python)
description H. Lane following

Pi 2 Duckiebot Tutorial (MIT)

MIT Duckietown Materials Spring 2016, please visit MIT Duckietown Website

Pi 3 Duckiebot Tutorial

Duckietown Materials for Pi 3 system, please visit The Duckietown Book (Duckiebook)