Human Centric Computing 2019


The teaching materials of HCC course hosted by four professors include Robotics, Machine learning, Android App design and Self-driving car. We also encourage student to come up with any project about "Human Central" and implement it at final of semester. At the end of video, we have short demonstration (technical part) for three cool projects created by students, such as Strawberry-picking robot to reduce labour shortage problem, Disaster response robot to conduct Rescuing task, and so on. Here is a, video link.

Sensing and Intelligent System 2018


The topics of Sensing and Intelligent System (SIS) course are around the mobile manipulator system, which cover 2D/3D perception, robot arm control and deep learning. At the end of term, we held a mini-competition that scale down the factory stocking problem. Students need to team together to finish the tasks. In addition, we also introduce Docker, a virtual container tool, to deploy algrithom created by student to the robot without any dependency problem. Please click video link to get the Mini-competition information. If you want to get more infomation about SIS course, please visit course website.

Duckietown Summer School 2018


The Duckietown Foundation is excited to announce the official opening of the The AI Driving Olympics, a new competition focused around AI for self-driving cars. The first edition of the AI Driving Olympics 2018 will take place in December 2018, at NIPS, the premiere machine learning conference, in Montréal. This is the first competition that will take place at a machine learning conference with real robots. The AI Driving Olympics is presented in collaboration with 6 academic institutions: ETH Zürich (Switzerland), Université de Montréal (Canada), National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan), Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (USA), Tsinghua University (China) and Georgia Tech (USA), as well as two industry co-organizers: nuTonomy and Amazon Web Services (AWS). At NCTU we hosted a summer school to cover the foundamental skills. course website. Video

Creative Software Project 2017


Duckietown NCTU is the first branch of the MIT Duckietown ( We offer a graduate-level course Robotic Vision and a undergraduate-level course Creative Software Project in NCTU. Both courses aim at hands-on projects focusing on self-driving vehicles or assistive technology. In addition, we offer all-level course Robotics Seminar. The goal of this is to encourage interest in robotics field and build the connection between NCTU and international robotics team.


2019 High School and Vocational high school Exposition


NCTU and CK work together to show Duckietown.

Well-known Internet TV station visited NCTU


Camerabay visits NCTU EE and Duckietown.

Student Association of NYMU visited RobotX NCTU


Student Association of NYMU visited RobotX NCTU, team member David are introducing the perception, artificial intelligence technology which our team used.

Students visited Duckietown NCTU through the "Star Plan in Taiwan's College Entrance System"


The students who got an acceptance for NCTU through the "Star Plan in Taiwan's College Entrance System" visited the Duckietown.

80 Taichuang Gril's High School students visited NCTU and our Robots!


Other Courses

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Sensing & Intelligent System 2017
Robotics Seminar 2017
Robotic Vision 2017
Creative Software Project 2016
Robotic Vision 2016

Pi 2 Duckiebot Tutorial

We simplified from the MIT Duckietown for college students who do not have strong relevant backgrounds. In addition, we offered Pi 3 duckiebot tutorial called "Duckiebook". Should you have any question, please contact our TA. Please visit our people page.

Prerequisites Main steps
description 0. VirtualBox Setup description A. Setup Duckiebot Solfware
description 1. Check Your Hardware description B. Setup Duckietop
description 2. Setup Duckiebot Hostname description C. Camera setup
description 3. Setup Duckiebot Network description D. Camera Calibration
description 4. Address Reservation for duckiebot description E. Wheel Calibration
description F. Log data
description G. Create ROS package (Python)
description H. Lane following

Pi 2 Duckiebot Tutorial (MIT)

MIT Duckietown Materials Spring 2016, please visit MIT Duckietown Website

Pi 3 Duckiebot Tutorial

Duckietown Materials for Pi 3 system, please visit The Duckietown Book (Duckiebook)