How to become a Duckietown Roboticist in 10 Days

The following materials included two version of duckiebot, one is raspberry Pi 2 system, the other is raspberry Pi 3 system. We simplified from the MIT Duckietown for college students who do not have strong relevant backgrounds. In addition, we offered the tutorial of Pi 3 system called "Duckiebook". Should you have any question, please contact our TA. Please visit our people page.

Pi 2 duckiebot tutorial (Simplified version)

0. VirtualBox Setup

1. Check Your Hardware

2. Setup Duckiebot Hostname

3. Setup Duckiebot Network

4. Address Reservation for duckiebot

A. Setup Duckiebot Solfware

B. Setup Duckietop

C. Camera setup

D. Camera Calibration

E. Wheel Calibration

F. Log data

G. Create ROS package(Python)

H. Lane following

Pi 2 duckiebot tutorial (MIT version)

MIT Duckietown Materials Spring 2016, please visit MIT Duckietown Website

Pi 3 duckiebot tutorial

Duckietown Materials for Pi 3 system, please visit The Duckietown Book (Duckiebook)